A look at some of the top derby matches in English football

There can be nothing greater than watching to rivals go head-to-head in a derby match. There are plenty of top derby games in English football. The top five derbies – in no specific order – would be:

Liverpool vs Everton

The Merseyside derby features Liverpool and Everton taking on each other in a fierce contest. The two rivals split up the city of Liverpool into the red and blue sides respectively. Thus, the Merseyside derby transforms into a bragging contest in the city. This is one of the derbies that is a frequent fixture in the calendar as a result of both teams spending most of the time in the top flight. It is remarkable that the home of Liverpool and Everton is less than a mile apart. The Merseyside derby has a strong reputation for being quite dirty and it usually sees a number of yellow and red cards.

Manchester United vs Manchester City

The Manchester derby has taken a lot of precedence in recent years owing to Manchester City’s riches from the Middle East. For long periods in the history of this fixture, Manchester United have been the team with more success but that has changed completely in the last decade with City being able to dominate almost every front. This is currently the best era for the Manchester derby which goes back to the days of 1881 when the first meeting held.

Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur

The meetings between Arsenal and Tottenham would be the North London Derby. Even though the first fixture between the two clubs was in 1887, this derby did not became extremely fierce until 1913. Since 1950s, the North London derby has taken precedence as one of the fierce contest in English football and especially in London. After having been in the shadows of Arsenal for a long time, Tottenham have been able to step out since 2010 with a new stadium and more success on the pitch.

Aston Villa vs Birmingham

This is a game which is often referred as the second city derby with Villa and Birmingham sharing the same city. The animosity between the two supporters has been performed since the turn of the century. Only a few postcodes separating the two clubs, but there has been a significant difference between the successes that both clubs have achieved over the years. Aston Villa have largely been in the top flight while Birmingham struggle for the same kind of record. As a result, this derby has not been a consistent fixture in the league.

Newcastle United vs Sunderland

The games between Newcastle and Sunderland are referred to as the Tyne-Wear derby. It is one of the most intense rivalries in English football and there is proper hatred between the two sets of supporters. The nervousness and competitiveness can be filled even on the pitch, as both sets of players are likely to go in for very tough challenges. This fixture has produced a huge number of cards against a regular match.