Top Five Football Stadiums in England

There are several hundred football stadiums in England making it one of the best destinations if you are hunting for excellent grounds to watch football. There are some stadiums that truly outshine others in terms of parameters like capacity, features, and more. Purely in terms of capacity, here are the top five football stadiums in England:

Wembley Stadium – 90,000

Wembley is the home of the England national team and it is a venue that was constructed in 2007 at a cost of £790 million, which would be around £1.2 billion if adjusted for inflation today. This makes the Wembley Stadium as one of the most expensive football grounds in the world – let alone England. Apart from hosting England matches, Wembley also hosts many football matches like the FA Cup semi-final and final. It is also used for hosting rugby, American football, and boxing competitions.

Old Trafford – 75,731

Old Trafford is home of Manchester United, who are one of the most successful clubs in English football. Constructed in 1910, the ground has underwent several renovations and expansions over the years. A number of modern features like floodlights were brought into the structure during the 1950s. In recent years, the expansions of Old Trafford has taken the capacity to more than 75,000 – making it the largest Premier League ground in England.

London Stadium – 66,000

The London stadium is the home of West Ham United, but it is a multipurpose venue that was constructed for the purpose of hosting the Olympics in 2012. Even though it can hold more than 80,000 spectators, the capacity has been limited to 60,000 for football matches due to safety considerations. This oval shaped stadium is actually leased out to West Ham for 99 years.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – 62,303

Tottenham managed to build a new stadium as a replacement for the White Hart Lane. This new stadium has a capacity of just over 62,000. Apart from being able to host football matches, this multipurpose venue comes with a state-of-the-art pitch that can be replaced into an NFL pitch when required. This pitch is the first of its kind as it divides and retracts into the ground based on the sport in question. The construction of this new stadium also helped Tottenham to go above Arsenal in the list of clubs with a large stadium. The capacity of 62,000+ represents a massive increase over the White Hart Lane just over 35,000.

Emirates Stadium – 60,260

Arsenal became one of the first clubs in the Premier League to construct a massive stadium. The Emirates Stadium opened its doors in 2006 and it became an iconic destination in the Premier League. It was constructed at a cost of almost £400 million. This stadium manages to hold just over 60,000 spectators and it was the largest of its kind among club stadiums in London before the Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium opened its doors in 2019.